Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Object of our Challenge

We have a new item to be found within Miniature World's Isle of Minutia, it's a parachute stuck in a small bramble, if you click it the wind will blow you away on the chute... but before you do that grab a screenshot and send it to us, if you are the first you will be awarded a Free One Day Pass to Miniature World, with the added bonus of being able to bring a friend along at a discount.

Be the first to find this 'Object of Our Challenge'. Click here for details.

First Screenshot found!

Congratulations to Nathan for being the first to find the 'Object of our Challenge'. We are pleased to award him a Free One Day Pass to Miniature World and a further discount for any guests he may choose to bring along. Way to go Nathan. Here is his screenshot.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Get a Free One Day Pass to Miniature World

Somewhere within Minutia is the "Object of Our Challenge" simply find it and submit a screenshot. If you are the first one to send it in, we'll authorize to you a FREE One Day Pass for entry to our popular attraction the next time you are in downtown Victoria BC.

Click here for details at this webpage

Find this shop in the Isle of Minutia and be the first to send in the screenshot.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Minutia moves to the Active Worlds Server!

This is an update for all 'Minutians' who signed up to enjoy Miniature World's virtual reality, The Isle of Minutia.

Since its inception and launch in 2012, as part of Miniature World's 40th anniversary, hundreds of people have signed up to explore the Isle of Minutia, 
a unique online extension of the popular Victoria BC attraction. Originally, the application was released as a stand-alone virtual world, however recently the Isle of Minutia has been moved in cyberspace and now resides exclusively within the Active Worlds Universe (you can uninstall any current version of Minutia you may have). Active Worlds is itself celebrating their 20th anniversary this year as the oldest and most trusted virtual worlds Universe!

The move to Active Worlds opens up access to people with both Mac and Windows PCs alike to download the 3D browser!
Minutia Memberships are not affected other than the need for members to update their 3D browser software by going to  and downloading the appropriate version for your system. Once the software is installed, it is a simply matter of clicking and running it from the AW desktop icon. 

1. Please go to and download the free 3D browser now.
The Active Worlds Browser will install to your hard drive and create a Desktop Icon on any 
Windows or Mac computer. 
3. Double-Click the AW icon and at the login click the Immigrate button.
Choose an initial Avatar and select a name and password.
Once you log in, 
1. look in the Worlds list on the left for - Minutia - 
2. Click It to teleport directly there and then... 
3. immediately select, from the Teleport Menu: 
- Make This my Home -

Each time you run the Active Worlds browser, from then on you will enter and land in 
the Isle of Minutia, by default.

Miniature World extends its thanks to all who have taken the time to explore our little world and invites you to continue enjoying  it within the Active Worlds Universe.
As always we appreciate if you would spread the word by sending your friends to to register for free.

Have a great summer, and by the way,  feel free to send us your best spherical photos, it's an excellent new feature in the Active Worlds 3D browser!

Minutia Support.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Isle of Minutia gets major Upgrade!

The Isle of Minutia is pleased to announce that it has received a major upgrade to its 3D World Browser from version 5.2 to 6.0

* All Minutians should take note that the previous version will no longer work. 

If you have not already received our update notice, (check your spam folder too) it is highly recommended that you contact, by email: for a private link to the free upgrade.
Anyone is welcome as always to register for free access by going to:

Once you install it you can uninstall the previous version. The new version will show up as a new icon on your desktop called "Minutia 3D".

We are excited about this upgrade as it gives a new specular lighting to our world, particularly in the beautiful reflections in the water during our many sky transformations. Throughout our day to night sequence, the water ripples spectacularly as the ocean laps upon our shores and the rivers intertwine throughout our little isle.

There has never been a better time to try our virtual kayaking!!


Friday, 8 March 2013

Witnessing History

The next best thing to being there is when the visual and sounds become immersive. The unique thing about virtual 3D environments is the extra-sensory involvement that is possible. But there is something quite different here, even from an IMAX film and that is the relationship of observer to image. Suddenly it feels more like being transported to a place where one is viewing the experience from the inside out, meaning that one immediately gets the sense of being a visitor walking around inside the 'movie' in a spacial perspective. One can even interact with it and of course with others in a group it all becomes quite convincing.
Here we see some of the possibilities this genre of computer simulation can present in terms of immediacy, a virtual field trip to a Royal British Airfield around the time of World War One.

Arrange a virtual field trip here:

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Minutia opens doors to school and group
Virtual Field Trips

When one looks around the web for bonified virtual field trips, it is easy to see that the idea is stretched rather thinly to include panoramic photographs, video walk-throughs and automated camera views. The Isle of Minutia presents a far more authentic interactive environment where groups and classrooms can login together and enjoy the comraderie of fellow members and classmates as they hike around the landscape discovering all this little online isle has to offer. And there is a lot here to see as each theme area has been developed to represent everything from a historic depiction of Calgary in the 1890s to a full-blwn science fictional asteroidal mining base out by Jupiter.
Notably this is the 'virtual field trip' we always expected from our computers, it simply took awhile for processors and high speed internet connections to catch up with our imaginations and expectations. This highly technological genre continues to evolve and the Isle of Minutia is an excellent, safe, non-violent environment to introduce young people to 3D interactive worlds in spaces they can share together under the same sky.

Schools and groups can book a field trip by going to the Miniature World website and selecting "Field Trips" where they will find that for a low flat rate, up to 30 computers/students can arrange a morning or afternoon online class field trip quite easily with as little as 48 hours advanced notice. Once a virtual field trip is arranged the teacher or instructor is sent a copy of the software to test their systems (Windows-based desktops or laptops only), a short online meeting within the virtual world is set up and any customization is made to prepare for the sojourn.

If your school is local to Victoria BC be sure to check out the real field trips to downtown Victoria, BC as well because Miniature World itself has been entertaining groups and classes for over 40 years with exciting Field Trips to see their over 100 displays and dioramas.